November 4th, 2016

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Freelance software development, training activities and EDP consultation
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Andreas Meyer
Schallstrasse 33, D-50931 Koeln
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Programming languages: C++, C++11, Java, C#, .NET,, Mono, R, SQL, PL/SQL, C, Python, Visual Basic, Delphi, Pascal, PHP, Html, XML, VBA, JSP, FCL, XBRL, Json
Libraries, APIs: STL, Boost, ACE, POCO, XmlLite, OpenCV, Shark Machine Learning Library, ATL, MFC, FIX, Flex, Qt, wxWidgets, OpenMP, Soci, REST, Oracle OCCI, Android SDK, Android Support Library, Shiny, JavaFX, AngularJS
Applications: Visual Studio, JBoss, Tomcat, Struts; Excel, Matlab, Rapidminer, MS Office; IntelliJ, Eclipse, SourceSafe, ClearCase, CVS, Subversion, GIT, CMake
Operating systems: Windows (all versions), Unix, Linux (Ubuntu, SuSE SLES 11)
Databases: MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, DB2, SQLite, MSSQL, ADO.NET, SQL Server, PostgresDB, MongoDB, stored procedures, trigger, Microsoft membership model
Scripting: Unix shells, bash, ksh, awk, sed, Perl, lexx, yacc; WSH, Windows Powershell; JavaScript, jQuery
Networking: TCP/IP, UDP, Sockets, CORBA, Multicast, OLE, COM, DCOM, .NET Remote, EJB, J2EE, ISAPI, IIS, Xmlrpc, web services, ZeroMQ
Hardware: 8051 processor
Technologies: OOA/OOD, design pattern MVC/MVVM, UML, BPMN, solvency II; multi threading, cluster systems, networking, windows services, performance aspects; genetic optimizer, fuzzy logic, "artificial intelligence", data mining, neural networks, decision trees, support vector machines, adaboost, PGP, cryptography
Build & Test: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Jenkins, CMake, GNU make, unix build chain (configure, make, gcc), nmake, MSBuild, Ant, Maven, CruiseControl, Graddle, Jira, continuous integration; SourceSafe, ClearCase, CVS, Subversion, GIT; CppUnit, Junit
Cloud: OpenStack, ElasticStack, VMware vSphere, Puppet, OpenAM, NSX/ESG, HAProxy, RabbitMQ, Splunk, Storm, Icinga, Graylog, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Apigee, Zookeeper
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Foreign languages
English: business fluent
French: good
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Further activities
This profile contains the occupations in the area computer science/EDP. My freelance activities as a (freelance) professional pilot, which I performed from 2006 to 2012, are not specified here.
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Freelance software development, training activities and EDP consultation
August 2016
December 2016
Swisscom, Bern: Manual and automated testing of cloud systems (OpenStack, Elastic Stack, VMware vSphere, Puppet, OpenAM, NSX/ESG, HAProxy, RabbitMQ, Splunk, Storm, Icinga, Graylog, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Apigee, Zookeeper, MongoDB, PostgresDB, Python, Windows Powershell, Jenkins, Jira).

As "embedded testers", manual tests of cloud systems were carried out. For automation, Python and Windows Powershell scripts were written that access various REST APIs. The activity took place in two parallel teams. Project language was English.

July 2016 EnBW, Karlsruhe: Extending an existing system with a plug-in for automated processing of orders (Java, J2EE, JSF, Primeface, Webservices, MySQL).

An existing internal portal has been extended by a further plugin that automatically writes data read from an SAP system via a web service to a MySQL database and displays it in the portal. Versatile setting options allow convenient control of the automated process.

March 2016
May 2016
Andreas Meyer, Köln + Misha Rybalow/Toronto: RESTful API, multi screen JavaFX client, PHP client for the simulation and trading platform (Java, J2EE, JavaFX, PHP, AngularJS, Jenkins, Graddle, JUnit).

On the server side first a RESTful API has been implemented; client implemetation for integration into customer’s Java environment uses JavaFX; small framework written for flexible display on multiple screens; working with Jenkins and JUnit, continuous integration. For another web client a PHP/AngularJS implemetation of RESTful interface has been created on client side.

December 2015
February 2016
Andreas Meyer, Köln + Misha Rybalow/Toronto: API extension of the simulation and trading platform to connect a customer's infrastructure (.Net/, MongoDB, CruiseControl.NET, CppUnit)

To achieve fast data connection even on slow networks, the flexible JSON data storage of MongoDB has been used on the client side (caching); small framework for representing the data to be displayed in the .Net infrastructure on client side; CppUnit tests for all key modules on the server side.

December 2015 Andreas Meyer, Köln + Misha Rybalow/Toronto: Demo client for graphical representation of live analysis results of simulation and trading platform (Shiny, JavaScript, Html/CSS, R, SQL, ZeroMQ, TCP Sockets, GNU make)

Implementation of a flexible tile system, with free assignment of data for their display; the data transfer has been realized with a ZeroMQ socket connection; flexible CSS stylesheets enable rapid appearance adaptation.

September 2015
November 2015
Andreas Meyer, Cologne: Extension of the simulation and trading platform for various algorithms for automatic trend and range detection as well as placing of order lines in preparation of fully automated trading (R, C++, SQL, GNU make)

Numerous experiments with time series studies (Fourier analysis, wavelets, Empirical Mode Decompression, Dynamic Time Warping, ..) as well as decision-finding with machine learning techniques (neuronale nets, adaboost, support vector machines, decistion trees, ..).

December 2014
August 2015
Robert Bosch GmbH, Salzgitter: Development of a library for cryptographic applications as well as two applications to exchange immobilizer (WFS) keys with company Audi (C++ 11, Boost, Oracle/OCCI, PGP, RSA)

The library has an open design and can keep any encryption algorithms, OpenGPG, SecureBlackbox-PGP and RSA have been implemented. Both applications provide a service for the secure and logged sending, confirmation and sharing of WFS keys in exchange with Audi. The software replaces an old Visual Basic program.

July 2014
November 2014
Robert Bosch GmbH, Salzgitter: Development of a data provisioning interface for a production line fault detection system (C++ 11, Boost, Oracle/OCCI, Json, CMake, GIT)

In order to provide mobile clients with data on incidents in production lines, first an object-oriented database model has been designed. The then written in C ++ 11 interface converts Oracle OCCI directly in the client required in hierarchical Json objects. The code generation is done automatically, since in addition to Oracle OTT another native code generator is used; changes/enhancements in database design later require only minimal manual code changes.

March 2014
June 2014
Andreas Meyer, Cologne: Extension of the simulation and trading platform to a socket interface for connecting external tools, development of market scanners in R that allow semi-automatic trading operation (R, C ++, ZeroMQ, GNU make)

First, a ZeroMQ interface was created, which enables easy coupling of external tools in any programming language. Then external tools (market scanner, fractal Analyzer) were connected to this interface, allowing manual trading decisions as well as simultaneous automatic execution of strategies.

October 2013
February 2014
EIOPA (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority), Francfort: Development of a conversion tools for importing and exporting of XBRL documents (C++, MSVC, XmlLite, SQlite, POCO, XBRL, Solvency II, GNU make)

For a proof-of-concept a C++ dll that converts Solvency II data stored in an SQlite datebase from and to XBRL documents has been developed, including command line control program. For fast processing of large documents the streaming parser XmlLite was used. Due to the not complete application designs at the beginning of development, a flexible and modular approach was chosen, that allowed all further design changes during development. Via added .NET and VBA interfaces the dll has been used by other applications written by team members. Project was conducted in English.

July 2013
September 2013
Andreas Meyer, Cologne: Development of an Android client to monitor and control the real-time trading simulation and the trading platform (Java, Android SDK, Android Support Library, Eclipse, Android emulator)

The Android client connects to the trading platform API and the host-based watchdog and allows mobile monitoring of trading activities; an API extension for light manual intervention (emergency stop) was implemented as well.

January 2013
June 2013
Andreas Meyer, Cologne: Development of strategy components for the simulation and trading platform and creation and measurement strategies (C++, MySQL, Python, OpenMP, Cran R, OpenCV, Datamining, AdaBoost, SVM, GNU make)

Using the simulation and trading platform initially entry, exit, money management components have been created and then used to compose first strategies (mainly trend followers). These were subject to extensive walkforward testing, improvements and preparation for live trading.

December 2012 Andreas Meyer, Cologne: Creation/revision of a collection of scripts for forex price data processing (bash, awk, sed, Perl, GNU make)

To check and adapt price data, if necessary, a toolbox has been revised. Based on an existing Perl script an awk / sed program was developed to process the price data, the script can be called from a shell script in variable configurations. The system processes data from various providers on tick- and on interval-based prices.

August 2012
November 2012
Andreas Meyer, Cologne + Toronto/Canada: Expansion/improvement of the strategy-testing framework of the simulation and trading platform and creation of learning and adaptive components (C++, MySQL, OpenMP, Cran R, OpenCV, Datamining, AdaBoost, SVM, wxWidgets, MSBuild, nmake)

The performance of the test framework has been increased by "parallelization" of individual tasks. In addition, further opportunities have been created to by integrating the self-learning strategy components with the Walk Forward Optimizer. The configuration of strategies has been simplified, performance measurement improved, strategies can now be traded in the live market. GUI and an additional console were redesigned using wxWidgets, the source code compiles now under Windows and Linux.

November 2011
June 2012
German Air Traffic Control GmbH, Langen: Interface for DFS approach planner AMAN to connect to the tower simulator NARSIM of Amsterdam Airport (C++, Linux, Boost, ACE/TAO, CORBA, Qt, multithreading, TCP/IP and UDP sockets, AFTN, FMTP, ADEXP, ClearCase, GNU make)

To prepare the connection at transport layer initially a special socket (2-byte header) was developed. For the further processing of received NARSIM FMTP flight plan and ADEXP radar data a parser has been adapted and a transmission module for a simulation tool has been created. Basing on that socket additional applications have been realized: An AMA messages sender as well as an internal module that converts user events and later sends them via the interface. In all these tasks it was important to consider the manifold internal CORBA connections as well as run-time requirements of that multi-process/multi-threading application AMAN (approach manager).

April 2011
September 2011
Andreas Meyer, Cologne: Optimizer interface for the simulation and trading platform and realization of adaptive walk forward and new genetic optimizer (C++, Visual Basic, MySQL, genetic optimizer, Qt, MSBuild, nmake)

The so far within the strategies used optimizers and adaptive indicators are now implemented by adding the optimizer module API; new complex optimizers (adaptive / walk forward, new genetic optimizer) were added. The complexity has been shifted into the framework, which simplifies the development of future trading strategies significantly. The user interface has been ported from VB to Qt.

December 2010
March 2011
GHX GmbH, Düsseldorf: Port of a "portal" web framework from Java to NET,. Windows service for flexible processing of incoming emails (C#, .NET, MSSQL, Membership-Model, Java, Windows Services, Ant, Maven)

The in Java written "portal" web framework (container for many commercial applications) was ported into C#/.NET using the Microsoft membership model so that the client applications can be further used without code changes. The cross-platform communication between portal and clients has been solved with a proprietary XML protocol. The in C# written email service has been written on basis of a self-created framework for the rapid creation of self-registering Windows Services.

October 2010
November 2010
Andreas Meyer, Vancouver/Canada: Extension of the simulation and trading platform for cash management modules and the ability to execute options strategies (C++, Visual Basic, MySQL, MSBuild, nmake)

After partial design changes at the simulation and trading platform (liberation of before tightly integrated components), the money management calculations have been realized as a module. The trade engine has been expanded so that strategies can now operate in multiple markets. In addition, other indicators have been introduced, e.g. a price level detector.

June 2010
August 2010
CIS GmbH, Essen: Source code conversion of an extensive ISAPI Web application from Visual Studio version 6 to version 2008 (C++, MFC, ATL, .NET, ISAPI, IIS)

First the web application's source code was converted module by module (more stringent C++ language standard). In some places parts of the command interpreter had to be rewritten because of changes in libraries. Finally, the converted application was made to run under Information Server (IIS) versions 5, 6 and 7 and a method for (remote) debugging was developed.

March 2010
May 2010
Andreas Meyer, Cologne: Extension of the simulation and trading platform by "artificial intelligence" (C++, Java, Xmlrpc, Rapidminer, neural networks, decision trees, Ant, Maven)

After successfully creating self-corrective trading models with high predictive quality using data mining software RapidMiner, an indicator to the existing C++ trading system was developed; it communicates via Xmlrpc calls and a Java wrapper to Rapidminer and thus enables the use of neural networks, decision trees, etc. in the trading software.

January 2010
February 2010
Besecke GmbH, Bremen: Investigation of a PC cluster system controlling PLCs under the viewpoint of performance (C++, Visual Basic, .NET, .NET Remote, cluster, multithreading, UDP/multicast, MSBuild, nmake)

The system that sufferes weak performance and is difficult to measure because of extensive use of multi threading has been deeply investigated. The results from tracing, profiling and debugging resulted in recommendations for the redesign of the system.

October 2009
December 2009
Andreas Meyer, Cologne: Extension of the simulation and trading platform by statistical components and Fuzzy logic (Visual Basic, C++, FCL, .NET, ADO.NET, SQlite, MSBuild, nmake)

A statistic management software was written in .NET Visual Basic for the evaluation of trading results, implementation of likelyhood studies and programming of dynamic indicators basing on these studies. Besides some new indicators based on those statistics a Fuzzy-class library was realised allowing fuzzy operations being defined in FCL.

August 2009
October 2009
Andreas Meyer, Cologne: "Acceleration" of the application for creation, test and execution of trading strategies (C++, Multithreading, OpenMP, Stored Procedures)

The application written in Visual Basic was extended by a "virtual broker", so that off-line tests of commercial strategies became possible. After that, however, the implementing VB turned out too slow to carry out extensive parameter tests. Therefore, the complete application (except the user interface) was ported to C++. On this occasion, value was placed of 1:1 translation, because the code VB had turned out to be very reliable.
Now the application runs approx. 100 times faster than before. More improvements were achieved by the application of the Multithreading Library OpenMP (support of multicore processors) as well as the paging of arithmetic-intensive preprocessing in server-sided Stored Procedures.

April 2009
July 2009
Hessian broadcasting station, Frankfurt on the Main: Revision/recreating of D'Accord transmission data base including user interface (MySQL, Struts, Java, Ant, Maven)

In the course of the separation of the mainframe computer the D'Accord transmission data base was ported to MySQL. The table Design was optimized. Apart from the re-writing the fill scripts a simple Struts web application was provided to allow the data inquiry. The server-sided preprocessing of the data was realised using MySQL Stored Procedures.

May 2005
Mars 2009
Andreas Meyer, Cologne: Application for creation, test and execution of trading strategies (Visual Basic, C++, MySQL, COM, Matlab, Excel, FIX, Flex API)

This large application allows the simulation of any trading strategies / money management algorithms, on up to three intervals in parallel. Thereafter the strategies are optimised genetically / bruteforce as well as evaluated statistically in an extensive way (Matlab, Excel). On-line modules allow automatic execution of tested strategies (FIXED, Flex API).
The main application is written in Visual Basic, the arithmetic-intensive parts in C++, both parts communicate via COM; the application runs on a MySQL/MaxDB database, a part of the data supply was realized server-side with the help of Triggers/Stored Procedures. In addition, tools like a reporting and log system, market data downloader etc. are included.
After an extensive test phase the application is used now to the automatic trade in the foreign exchange markets.

May 2008
August 2008
Air Traffic GmbH, Düsseldorf: Multilingual facility of the web site (PHP, MySQL, Apache)

The html pages of the web site of the company were laid in a data bank and now are dynamically generated. This is used to let the site appear in different languages, up to now into German and English, an extension in other languages would be possible in an easy way. As a special feature the navigation about the contents of the web site is completely independent of the actually selected language.

November 2007
March 2008
Viasys Healthcare GmbH, Würzburg: "Studies" for field service laptops (C++, MFC)

An existing program for the world-wide collection and evaluation of patient data on laptops were extended by further "studies". Programming took place in classical C++ using Microsoft Foundation Classes.

May 2006
September 2007
Euro Flight Service GmbH, Düsseldorf: Various software solutions to simplify the management of flights

Excel list for easy flight data capture of all airplanes and pilots, automatic calculation of the air duty and rest times, protocol functions. An automatic data synchronisation between office locations Dusseldorf and Moscow via ftp protocol was furnished.

November 2004
April 2006
German broadcast archives, Frankfurt on the Main: Compile of fundamental concepts for future web applications of the hessian broadcast service and development of a search application for the (Tomcat, Struts, Hibernate)

In expectation of the production of numerous future web applications to be developed for the hessian broadcasting service fundamental concepts were compiled to be the basis all for these applications. An application for searches on the ZUN host (substitution of the 3270 terminals) represents a first realization of these concepts. It contains templates for all fundamental application sides and is realized with Struts using of Hibernate as data base persistence layer.

April 2004
October 2004
German radio broadcasting archives, Frankfurt on the Main: Adaption of the program for the collection of music CDs, ASPI library for use under Windows XP (C++, ASPI)

In the course of the change-over of the client PCs to Windows XP the adaption of the library of the CD registration program for the native access to the CDROM drives assemblies was necessary; the new library is based directly on the SCSI/ASPI command set and allows apart from the old functions also the direct selection of ISRC, EAN and CD text. In addition the surface of the CD registration program was improved by numerous practical input assistances.

September 2003
March 2004
Hessian broadcasting station, Frankfurt on the Main: concept and implementation to increase the stability and performance of the existing TV-data bank system (JUnit)

Just when the TV-data bank system FESAD was about to be introduced, it had to be inspected intensively, since there existed difficulties in performance and stability. The resulting findings were incorporated into designing a costly test system (with JUnit), which proved to be important for refining the design of the system.

Mars 2003
August 2003
Hessian broadcasting station, Frankfurt on the Main: definition and development of a preview-interface for the existing TV-data bank system (Java, JavaBeans, WebServices)

In order to link a video-preview-system of an external company to the existing TV-data bank system (FESAD), firstly, a web service-interface, which takes into account the different possible programmes of work when capturing videos, needs to be defined. Afterwards, this interface will be implemented in Java by making use of JavaBeans and WebServices; moreover, there will be assistance to the external company in implementing and adjusting their site to the interface (in .NET).

October 2001
Mars 2003
German radio broadcasting archives, Frankfurt on the Main: development of a programme to capture audio-CDs and administration of the music data bank (Java, COM, several libraries)

The available Host-API was used in order to develop a CD-Client, written in Java, which enabled the archivists to comfortably capture audio-CDs and enter the data into a DB2-data bank. Besides, the client works on the data bank hand in hand using Stored Procedures and Triggers. The fundamental features of the application is the use of an OCX, which allows for the access (write-protected) to the CD-ROM-drive, as well as the use of internet-music-data banks; the programme can be operated by persons with impaired vision.

August 2000
October 2001
UPW GmbH, Bensheim: Development of an administration program for a web based lottery game (C++ with MFC).

The administration of a voluminous table system is done by the developed administration program. The MFC based client accesses an Oracle database via a self developed OCI class library. Particular important at this task are the different and extensive precautions to detect and avoid mistakes done while changing data by human administrators.

May 2000
July 2000
Cyland GmbH, Karlsruhe: Development of COM objects for a web based game (Visual C++ with ATL).

For a web based game consisting of multiple components COM objects to store and administer game information were written. The objects were developed using ATL and optimized for size. Important criterion in this field was the option to control the objects from different clients (C++, Basic, other script languages)

March 2000
April 2000
AMlog, Cologne: Creation of several Web sites depending on data base.

In order to be able to reply customers` inquiries after Web sites several Web sites based on Linux, mySQL, Apache and Php were designed as samples. The experiences and tools gained flow into the misalignment of the business field (fastidious internet services), planned for the future.

January 1999
July 2000
Volvo Autobank, Cologne: Creation of data base analysis depending on Lotus Notes and Oracle.

Lotus Notes reports which enable a recalling of current sales figures from everywhere were created for dealers and clients of the bank. The data for that are given from a proprietary accounting system by means of self-created extensive triggers to an Oracle data base first, on which from Lotus Notes queries can be then excuted by ODBC. Further the activity covered the administration of a Linux Server with Sybase data base. In addition, various smaller Java programs as well as Perl Scriptes were written e.g. for performance entry.

May 1998 Establishment of the Andreas Meyer Logik EDV-Beratung GmbH.

Due to the high demand for EDP services a GmbH which creates the legal framework for the application of external specialists was established. Activity areas are those, in which also the firm founder is active, such as software development, preferential in object-oriented languages, Client/Server systems, Internet services.

January 1998
November 1998
Various activities: Foundation of a www-server inclusive data base binding and control with Java applications; fastidious training courses in C++, Java, DCOM, Corba.

The technical design of an extensive Internet Site for an EDP consulting firm was taken over; during the binding to an existing data base a modern 3-level-architecture was implemented by JavaBeans and RMI. Parallel to that fastidious training courses in programming languages and application design were held.

May 1996
December 1996
RTL Television, Cologne: Development of a Client/Server application for the administration of transmission bands (Visual C++ with MFC, Sybase SQL- data base).

On the basis of an available internal network/data base library a 32/16 bit Windows Client (MFC application), which operate on a Sybase SQL Open Server Data Base, was written; this data base is connected with other systems by replication/stored procedures/triggers. These connections were to be considered during the following introduction of the (productive) system likewise receiving of old data from a predecessor system. The application was extended and optimized in dialog with selected users.

November 1995
April 1996
"Westdeutscher Rundfunk", Düsseldorf: Installation of PC`s, users` care, training on the internal network system.

In the course of the enterprise-far introduction of PC`s in the WDR. PC`s were first installed and interlaced by a team arranged by the companies CompuNet, Cologne and Wichterich & Partner, Erftstadt. Subsequently, the users were trained for several days in each case in the various, partly internal applications as well as individualy advised with occurring problems whereby the very different interests of the individual editorships and the partial small previous knowledge of the users were considered.

February 1995
October 1995
westka Kommunikation, Cologne: Development of an editor for the generation of skriptes for Adventure plays (Visual C++ with MFC).

For the effective development of Adventure plays an editor that runs under Windows 3,11 was created. It enables play and diagram designers to process scanned pictures. The editor creates then in a second process a script which needs the internal animation engine for the execution of the plays. The tool was developed object-oriented and, on the basis of the MFC again, compiled and used with the Watcom C++ Compiler for the realistic representation of animation scenes video for Windows of Microsoft as well as self-written fast diagram routines.

February 1995
October 1995
Triebel & Rix GmbH as well as BIT Service GmbH, Düsseldorf: Regular training activities for standard software.

Co-workers of the companies mentioned above as customers for many years were trained for several days in each case in various application programs, partly in the own house (ABB, Ratingen; Nokia; Trinkhaus & Burkhardt; Handelsblatt, Düsseldorf; AgiPlan, Essen). The bandwidth was enough here from standard applications of the Microsoft Office rail up to special topics such as data base development and project planning.

July 1994
October 1994
Architect's Office Rücker in Bad Oeynhausen: Consulting, planning and foundation of a CAD-System including network with two workstations.

A so far manually operating architect's office was advised while transfer to EDP-supported work as well as a CAD-System with two DOS computers operating under Windows was planned and structured. The Networking was implemented with Novell Personal Netware.

April 1994
September 1994
Development of a Project Manager with OLE 2 (Visual C++ with MFC).

In order to become better acquainted with the new component software techniques (OLE 2,0 of Microsoft, DCOM and Corba of IBM, Novell etc.) an administrative software was developed in co-operation with Mr. Schonscheck in Bad Oeynhausen (Germany) which uses the possibilities described in the OLE 2-specification by Microsoft and supplies them as OLE-Client. Therfore the Visual C++ Compiler and the Microsoft Foundation Classes were used.

December 1993 "Hessischer Rundfunk", Frankfurt a. M.: Development of a printer driver in C++ with turbo-vision.

An existing tape measuring program should be extended by printing functionality. The compiled solution found in co-operation with Mr. Emmel of "HR" existed in the creation of an own C++ Class Library which supplies the desired functions and also can be hung up into other programs. That was based on Borland`s turbo-vision library.

October 1993
June 1993
Dr. F. Prekwinkel GmbH, Herford: Creation of AutoCAD applications in C.

A CAD-program for the furniture industry that exists in the basic structure and is based on AutoCAD was extended by substantial functions and characteristics. The underlying design of the main application was revised by a team of 6 persons; additional modules were created and step by step transferred by AutoCAD using the programming interface ADE.

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Activities abroad
August 2012
November 2012
Andreas Meyer, Toronto/Canada: Getting to know the trading methods of various private/commercial traders on site

In addition to expanding the own trading platform, new ideas/impulses for the future development of trading strategies are obtained.

March 2008
October 2012
Air Traffic GmbH, Düsseldorf: Activity as a pilot (1st officer) on Cessna Citiation 650

Charter flights were carried out to west and east European airports.

October 2010
November 2010
Andreas Meyer, Vancouver/Canada: Getting to know the trading methods of various private/commercial traders on site

In addition to expanding the own trading platform, new ideas/impulses for the future development of trading strategies are obtained.

May 2006
September 2007
Euro Flight Service GmbH, Düsseldorf: Activity as a pilot (1st officer) on Cessna Citiation 650 in Moscow

Charter flights based on Moscow Vnukovo were carried out to west and east European airports.

May 1993
July 1993
Elf S.A., Paris: Development of the surface of an archiving program running under Windows, implementation with Borland`s OWL.

An existing DOS-Application for the save of information about lubricants should have to be used under Windows. Thus the already available functionality was totally enclosed into a new class structure; in interaction with the Class Library OWL a program was developed on the basis of Borland`s C++ Compiler. Independent work with close specifications in the design.

January 1993
July 1993
Freelance activity, Paris: "Service rund um den PC" (= Service Supply for PC Users).

On the basis of a general service supply many PC users could be helped with their hard and software problems. This activity brought many views of the different demands and desires of private and commercial users regarding the organization of software.

February 1993
June 1993
Teaching at Berlitz Language School in Paris.
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Part-time activities aside from study
August 1992
December 1992
Training activity at Berlitz Language School in Braunschweig.
June 1991
February 1993
Regular execution of week-end seminars, Volkshochschule Braunschweig: "Einführung in Computergrafik & CAD" (= Introduction to Computer Graphics & CAD), "Windows", conception and execution.

Various training concepts, particularly for basic, advanced and application training courses for Windows 3,0 were held as well as presented in form of instruction-accompanying scriptes. The varity of knowledge aquired during the execution of the week-end seminars as well as the knowledge about participants` ideas flowed into the conceptions of the courses.

May 1991
June 1991
Lecturer in Sachsen-Anhalt (Germany), VHS-Bildungswerk GmbH, Goslar: "Gemeinschaftskunde und Motivationstraining für Kurzarbeiter" (= Community Science and Motivation Training for Short Time Workers).
April 1991
May 1991
Instructor at the Volkshochschule Wolfsburg (Germany): "Einführung in die EDV" (= Introduction to the EDP), conception and execution.
January 1990
June 1990
Jobbing as a student at the Central Office for Further Training of the TU of Braunschweig: Care and maintenance of PC, preparation of further training seminars.
April 1988
October 1989
A scientific assistant at the Institute of Data Processing Systems of the Technical University of Braunschweig: Working at CAD control developing system under UNIX.

Macros for the automatisation as well as smaller C-Programs for the subsequent processing of the data were created at CAD-Program operating under UNIX.

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Study and other educations
June 2006
Euro Flight Service GmbH, Dusseldorf / Air Traffic GmbH, Dusseldorf: freelance activity as pilot (1st officer) on Cessna Citiation III

Charter flights are carried out based in Dusseldorf in the internal and European space.

July 2004
October 2004
Frank Thoennissen, Cologne: Course in "fundamentals in technical analysis" as well as "money and position management" with a professional broker

In a quarterly course all necessary fundamentals were learned in theoretical and practical exercises to successfully trade stock and futures markets. Themes: Indicators, trend lines, patterns, geometry, fibonacci prize and time projections, market structures, money management, position management, etc.

June 2000
June 2006
RWL, Moenchengladbach & FTC, Mannheim: ATPL; CAE Simuflite, Dallas: Typerating Cessna Citation 650

Parallel to the gainful employment first the ATPL theory was completed by means of correspondence course and close instruction in the flight school RWL in Moenchengladbach. Subsequently, the practical ATPL training including 2mot-Rating at flight school FTC in Mannheim took place. Later the Typerating on Cessna Citation 650 in the simulator with CAE Simuflite in Dallas was acquired.

May 1992
December 1992
Thesis (diploma), Institute of Applied Microelectronics, Braunschweig (Germany): Development of an object-oriented simulation program in C++ under DOS and UNIX.

An extensive simulation program was developed for the support of a working group that was busy with the research of error codes. Therefore a base class system had first to be developed, in which then the classes of the actual application were inserted. The Developing was completed with Borland`s C++ Compiler under DOS. Afterwards the program was ported on the GNU C++ periphery under UNIX. The work was executed independently in close co-operation with the research group

August 1991
November 1991
Studies: "Hessischer Rundfunk", Frankfurt a. M. (Germany). Development of the computer control unit (hardware 6809, programming with Crosscompiler in C)

Development of a remote control for an availabe measuring point change over switch. On the Basis of a PC-Card 6809 a command unit was created whereby in arrangement with the staff of the "Hessischer Rundfunk" a great importance was attached to good operability. The unit communicates with the change over switch by a serial line. Its function had to be coordinated with the IEC-bus control of the change-over switch.